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Flow engineering

Specialized in the realization of systems on skid, laying of primary pneumatic systems and electrical wiring.

The services of FLOW ENGINEERING:

provision of double ferule fittings and more

For the realization of its electrical and pneumatic plants, as well as the mechanical construction, over the years, Flow Engineering has consolidated trade agreements with several companies providing specific material.
In order to better satisfy with an immediate action the needs of its projects and customers, inside its production units, the company has also organized some areas dedicated to the stock of small amounts of primary materials, such as: piping (up to 3” made of SS and CS), fittings, SS A316L tubing of different diameters and thicknesses, armoured and shielded (and not) cables, cable trays made of HDG and SS of various dimensions, complete with equipment and double ferule compression fittings.
In particular, Flow Engineering has the possibility to provide double ferule compression fittings of SS 316L with wide uses in the industrial field and laboratory, mainly regarding the pneumatic connections that ensure high resistance and performance levels.
The so-called double ferule is a system that guarantees to these elements great resistance, and that enables to regulate the pressure inside the pipe in an extremely accurate way. The company has initiated several working relationship for the supply of the most famous brands in the sector, such as Parker and Swagelok, planned for the major Vendor List, and also for the equivalent fittings.


Relaying on the experience and competence of its technicians, Flow Engineering is able to provide maintenance, commissioning and start-up services, but also the managerial handling of the on-site activity, both in the Italian and foreign territory.


Nowadays, the commissioning of the industrial plants is a common practice for the control systems, in order to ensure that the plant is ready for service. The commissioning is part of the global quality management, establishing criteria that can be monitored and assessed to determine if the quality of a system lives up to expectations.
The plants commissioning is thus a systematic process of the quality assurance that is carried out during the process of design and construction of the plant, and continues until the effective exercise of the selfsame plant, in order to guarantee that, on delivery, the system attains the expectations defined in the construction phase. In the commissioning process, it comes into play the quality of the work of all the actors involved in the design, the construction, the maintenance and, lastly, the use of the plant.


The start-up of the industrial plants consists in the set-up and the calibration of all the various parameters to be set in the regulation systems and in the instrumental controls that will be used during the normal operating phase of the plant. During the plant start-up, there are many variables to consider and the risk of unforeseen events is always high, therefore, the problems are fixable only by technical staff with great experience and capability of construction and operation of the industrial plants.
Flow Engineering is able to cope with these conditions thanks to its workers specialized in the start-up and in the calibration of the industrial plants and in the resolution of the issues that can occur in the plant operating start-up phase.