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Bath heater, the flagship of Flow Engineering

Flow Engineering’s customers know they can count on a company that can provide them with a wide range of services and even more products; this is the main reason why in the last 19 years the number of activities that have decided to rely on us and on our experience has grown exponentially.

After talking about the electro and instrumental plants, in this short article we would like to discuss with you one of the products that has contributed the most to the success of the company based in Mazzo di Rho: bath heaters. These are indispensable tools that Flow Engineering manufactures in complete autonomy following the most innovative techniques available. 

If you want to know everything about Flow Engineering’s bath heaters and how they work, we suggest you to keep reading; we are sure that later you will no longer have any doubt about the value of our production. 

What are bath heaters and what are they used for? Flow Engineering explains

People often refer to bath heaters as “water bath heaters”. The two terms are absolutely equivalent and describe a special piece of equipment that heats liquids or gases through a flow-through process. Those produced in Flow Engineering’s factory stand out for their state-of-the-art functions and design. 

Water bath heaters are widely used in the crucial Oil & Gas sector. They are used to heat gas and other fuels not only efficiently but also safely. It is no coincidence that the two founding partners of the Lombardy-based company worked for a long time in companies operating in this particular field.

All the distinctive features of the bath heaters made by Flow Engineering

The water bath heaters represent the focal point of Flow Engineering’s production, the products for which we are best known in Italy and other countries. Many customers come from far away to buy the bath heaters created by our team of engineers and specialized technicians.

The main feature of the production of bath heaters by our company is its completeness; the team of Flow Engineering, in fact, deals with the realization of all the components of the water bath heaters starting from the design of the project. If we can afford to offer such an exclusive service, it is only thanks to the experience of our staff, who are highly trained and always ready to find the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions available. 

As is the case with all projects completed by Flow Engineering, even those related to the creation of bath heaters are highly customisable. The water bath heater we will provide you with will be made according to your needs and those of your plant; in this way we are able to sell products fully compatible with the needs of the customers and therefore much more performing than those by other companies. 

For more information about Flow Engineering’s bath heaters or our other products, please, visit our official website; here you will also find a rich photo gallery with some of our most recent projects.