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Flow Engineering, a world-class electro and instrumental plant manufacturer

Flow Engineering is a world-class electro and instrumental plant manufacturer, internationally known and appreciated for the quality of its services, now considered indispensable in the Oil & Gas sector. The special feature of the Italian company is that it does not limit itself to the manufacture of this type of product, but also takes care of their design according to customer requirements and needs. 

Thanks to its focus on innovation, the company is considered one of the most advanced manufacturers of electro and instrumental plants in the world and its products are in demand in many different countries. The variety of services and products is also a key factor in the company’s international success. 

However, what sets this electro and instrumental plant manufacturer apart from other companies of this kind is the experience of its team members. Starting with the owners who only decided to open their business after decades of working in the industry, the entire team at Flow Engineering includes some of the most knowledgeable and inspired professionals you can find today. 

What does an electro and instrumental plant manufacturer like Flow Engineering do?

The Italian company, based in Mazzo di Rho, owes its enormous success to the design, production, and commissioning of various types of electro and instrumental plants. In less than 10 years, Flow Engineering has managed to carve out a prominent place for itself in the difficult and competitive petrochemical industry with its skid-mounted or chassis-mounted electrical and pneumatic systems, and has become a leading electro and instrumental plant manufacturer. 

The quality of the work carried out by Flow Engineering is demonstrated by the decision to realize all our products according to an ISO 9001 certified management system, a choice that has immediately opened the doors to the international market to us.

Having a team of specialists with years of experience means that the electro and instrumental plant manufacturer, Flow Engineering is able to offer a wide range of products and services. We can design and build the simplest to the most complex systems for facilities of all sizes. Moreover, the versatility of our staff enables us to take care of every detail of our products ourselves. 

As a manufacturer of high-quality electro-instrumental equipment, Flow Engineering has always focused on customising its production. All this is made possible by the close relationships we create with our customers, who very often provide us with the projects. 

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