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For the manufacturing of electric and instrumental plants Flow Engineering is the solution

There is no better known and appreciated Italian company in the field of manufacturing electric and instrumental plants than Flow Engineering. There are many customers who have already benefited from the high quality of the products made by the company and who continue to rely on our experience for the purchase of these cutting-edge instruments, fundamental for many production centres. 

The company headquartered in Mazzo di Rho, a town near Milan, is an example for the entire manufacturing sector. Despite the fact that the manufacturing of electric and instrumental plants is a very competitive sector, which requires great technical knowledge and the desire to develop increasingly innovative solutions, Flow Engineering has been able to create not only a successful business, but also a true international excellence.

The added value of our company is that we do not only deal with the manufacturing of electric and instrumental plants; our work actually starts from the very basics and continues even after all the mechanical parts of the products have been assembled. Flow Engineering’s team includes first-class technicians, engineers, and skilled workers who enable us to follow our customers through every stage of their projects, from design to commissioning

It is precisely the comprehensiveness of our offering that has earned us not only the respect of customers and other professionals, but also a prominent role in this particular industry. So when you commission to our company the manufacturing of your electric and instrumental plants, you can be sure that we are experts in finding the best solution for your specific requirements and needs

Manufacturing of electric and instrumental plants: a closer look at Flow Engineering’s service

As you can imagine, the manufacturing of electric and instrumental plants requires very specific skills that are acquired through years of work in the field. This is why our staff includes only professionals who are not only able to do their job to the best of their ability, but also to bring something innovative to the various projects entrusted to us. This is the only way Flow Engineering can confirm its prestigious role in the industry, a position it has held for almost 20 years. 

Our team’s research focuses on two main characteristics that should never be missing from an electric and instrumental plant: precision and safety. All of our products are 100% reliable, which guarantees optimum performance in all circumstances, and at the same time they are distinguished by the quality of the tests carried out by our technicians both during the production process and afterwards. 

Years and years in the field of manufacturing electric and instrumental plants have led us to collaborate with different Quality Control Inspection Bodies to further improve our performance in this respect. But Flow Engineering’s great commitment is made even more evident by the inclusion in our team of Level II technicians specialised in Non Destructive Testing, and Welding Inspectors. And don’t forget, all our products are manufactured in full compliance with Italian and international standards

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